JMG Engraving

Located on the space coast of FL, JMG Engraving is a family owned and operated business specializing in laser fabrication.

We offer Laser engraving and cutting services on numerous types of materials all done in house with quick turnaround times. Our Co2 and Fiber systems allow us to easily and quickly customize or part mark numerous kinds of materials. From acrylic, wood, fabric, leather, glass, papers and metals just to name a few.

Laser Cutting

Is the complete removal and separation of material from the top surface to the bottom surface along a designated path.Currently we can only laser cut none metallic materials such as papers, woods, acrylics, abs, fabrics etc.

Laser Cutting

Laser Engraving

Process where the laser beam physically removes the surface of the material to expose a cavity that reveals an image at eye level. ATF .003” depth requirements or parts that require depth for their ID numbers are done via our fiber system. None metallic materials are engraved via our Co2 lasers.

Laser Engraving

Laser Etching

Or Laser marking, removes coatings such as powder coated, painted or anodized surfaces to create depth or contrast. Cermark is also used when doing uncoated bare metals such as stainless, titanium or aluminum leaving a black marking.

Laser Etching

  • Plastic Stencils
  • Wood Cutting
  • Acrylic Cutting
  • Foam
  • Gaskets
  • Retirements
  • Achievements
  • Recognizations
  • Team Sports
  • Memorial
  • Personalized ID
  • Dog Tags
  • Pneumatic Diagrams
  • Electrical Diagrams
  • Console & Switch ID
  • Knives & Guns
  • Steel Tumblers
  • Glass & Champagne
  • Wedding Swagger
  • On-site Engraving

On – Site Engraving

All we need is an outlet! We have the ability to bring our laser engravers on site to stores, restaurants and special events. This makes for a fun tasting event in which the customer has the option of personalizing their bottle on site at no charge to them.

Bottles are engraved with in a couple of minutes with special fonts and clip art images to choose from. Can’t think of a good message? No problem we bring with us a book of creative messages that will get your mind going.

We offer different hourly rates and cover all of Florida. We also have options for GA as well as AL if needed.  “Etched in Memory” nothing beat giving a nice bottle of wine with a personal laser etched message!

Birthdays | Weddings | Anniversaries | Holidays | Corporate | “Just Because” Gifts

Laser Etched Glass

Perfect for those hot summer dinners these personalized mason jars escalated your family reunion to the next level.

Employee Gift

Laser marked pocket knife with our Co2 laser.  Logo, Welding clip art and Name.

Laser Cut MDF

This laser cut MDF monogram was done on one of our Co2 laser systems. Check out our store for pricing and sizes!

Glock Slide

Glock slide etching with B.C.S.C and Sherriff star. Laser etched with one of our Co2 Lasers.

Laser Cut Acrylic

Blue ¼” laser cut sign for Blue Marlin Real Estate. This sign was laser cut via one of our Co2 lasers and flush mounted to the wall. Our lasers can handle 4’x 8’ sheets of material.


These fishing tournament trophies were laser engraved using one of our Co2 lasers. We offer a wide selection of trophies, plaques and accessories.

Part Marking

This part was marked via a process of annealing the metal creating the black lettering seen in the photo. Done with the aid of Cermark on our Co2 lasers or using our Fiber laser with a high frequency setting.

Personalized Gifts

This watch was etched with one of our Co2 lasers with the Drift House logo. The ability to personalize nearly anything will make gift giving that much more special.

What types of File Formats work best?

Vector graphics such as .EPS, .AI “Adobe Illustrator”, .DXF, .SVG or .PDF files work best. We can also take images that are not Vectored such as .jpeg and convert them here for an extra cost. The higher the resolution the better the engraving will be. For files that require laser cutting a vector file or .DXF is preferred.

What is the typical turn around time?

Our typical turn around time is 3 – 5 business  days but can range depending on the project. ASAP service is available for an additional fee.

What machine size and wattage are available?

We have a large variety of laser machines available and can accommodate nearly any part size. Our lasers have the following work areas: 12”x24”, 18” x 24”, 24” x 36” and 48” x 96” from 30watts up to 160watts.

Our Fiber laser has a 6”x6” marking field.

Can you engrave or cut into metal and can you do firearms?

With our Fiber laser system we are able to engrave into metal within a 6”x6” work area. ATF .003” requirements for firearm serial numbers, gun trust titles, model, caliber and other ATF information can be achieved with our Fiber laser system.

Our Co2 lasers are capable of etching bar stainless steels and other hard metals as well as anodized and coated metals.

We are not currently able to laser cut metals.

What materials can you not engrave or cut via laser?

Hydrogen Chloride and Vinyl Chloride (mostly found in PVC and other man made materials) are hazardous to the life of your laser system. Engraving and cutting these materials can cause irreversible damage to your machine, so determining the components of your cutting and engraving materials is extremely important. Materials, such as Kydex, contain PVC.

What materials can we cut using a laser?

Materials such as wood, acrylics, fabric, delrin, cloth, leather, matte board, melamine, paper, mylar, pressboard, rubber, wood veneer, fiberglass, plastics, cork, corian, Teflon, tape and gasket material.

Can I bring in my own materials or can you get them for me?

Yes you are more than welcome to bring in your own materials. We also work with several large suppliers and can source just about any product or material. We typically keep a stock of different metals and acrylics on site.


JMG Engraving 238 Peachtree St. #103 Cocoa FL 32922

On the corner of Peachtree St. and Forest Ave, 2 blocks north of 520 an downtown Cocoa Village. We are directly across from the American Legion and behind Jones Sheet Metal. One block east of the Cocoa water tower on the east side of US1.

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