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Quality Laser Engraving and Cutting Services
laser cut stencil <--- Laser cut stencil material

laser cut wood --->
laser cut wood
We can cut with extreme precision the following kinds of materials: wood, acrylic, fabric, delrin, cloth, leather, matte board, melamine, paper, mylar, pressboard, robber, wood veneer, fiberglass, plastic, cork, corian, Teflon, tape and many other kinds of materials. Our laser cutter has a deck of 12" x 24" & 18" x 24" so we can cut items up to that dimension. We can also cut many types of high density foam that is use for outdoor lettering and signage.

Laser cutting has many advantages over other traditional ways of cutting and machining. The laser leaves a very smooth cut and the actual beam measures in the hundredths of a millimeter leaving very clean cuts. The laser leaves no radius when cutting right angles or tight triangles unlike a mechanical cutting machine.

Laser cutting is fast, highly accurate with high repeatability of detail.
laser cut acrylic <--- Laser cut acrylic

Laser cut stencils --->
laser cut stencils